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Apr 27, 2013 7:30am PDT
neighborhoods in san francisco around parking and different things with mta, streetscape, streets, everything. hopefully this will give a chance to the small business community and the commission and some of these issues that we are experiencing with mta, which are a lot and are happening all the time. hopefully the commission can come up with some recommendation that will help change policies of the mta and also more importantly change the attitude of this particular agency. of our presentation should give you some insight about what we are dealing with in all areas of the business community. we are talking about issues in the retail corridor; in the business district, light industry; and the downtown areas of the city. one big goal, we in our business community and you representatives in the commission are always dealing with one thing, customer service. we always think of our customers first. the commission i feel, always thinks of their customers as the business community first, we get that feeling. the outreach that the commission does, it's a positive thing to send things out. hopefull
Apr 23, 2013 11:30pm PDT
is that everybody thinks they are dealing with one agency, mta< metropolitan transportation authority, but you are dealing with two agenc ies, mta and the cta, the county transportation authority. they have different boards that they are dealing with a lot of the same things. it seems like these two agencies never talk to each other. they bounced off of each other; they tell us, oh, that is the cta's problem, talk to them or the cta will say, talk to the mta, but to the general public it is one agency. hopefully during the year we will get that narrowed down, and make it a little easier so hopefully we won't have to be experts in government policy and government dealings to be able to deal with them. it is a big problem. a question for all of us is, what is the mta and the cta -- sorry, repeating myself, does the mta integrate of the plants with each other? in my area, polk street, there is something called the vaeness plan (sounds like) they will take up parking, take out left turns, all kinds of things but that plan has nothing to do with the plant they are looking at on polk street, windo
Apr 22, 2013 3:00pm PDT
the same complaints. we all have the same issues with the mta. i want to thank you so much for , our hearing that is coming up and i think that we will have a lot of people here who are saying the very same thing and want our businesses to continue to survive and thrive. so thank you very much. >> chair adams: thank you gwen. >> so you heard from us in the retail corridor; you heard from the business in the pdr district; there's also the whole financial district and downtown district. we are all affected by that. i just walked here from my home to get here. i walked down market street. if you go on market, starting at octavia and market and go to the embarcadero, there are no parking spaces for a normal commercial vehicle. the only kind of vehicle did you can park there is a heavy-duty commercial vehicle defined as six wheels. anybody like a florist, the pizza company, a messenger service with the vehicle, water delivery, anything with 4 wheels, cannot park on that street and serve any businesses from octavia to embarcadero. there is something wrong with that picture. italy leaves a
Apr 27, 2013 8:00am PDT
agency the director of the mta, and the director of the mta board the proposed written recommendations. >> commissioner o'brien: the second question, i had the experience where somebody met me in my office; they were complaining about the notification process. you know, if you don't like something coming down the pike, what do you do sometimes is attack the process and say the process wasn't done right. i looked him right in the eye and i said , if i go back to the commission and i go to a lot of trouble to put this on the agenda, and do an investigation and raise the awareness of this issue, is somebody going to back to me from the agency in question and as a matter fact we did give him a notification. i looked him in the eye, it turns out that the did get notice and .they have the opportunity to weigh in having heard what i heard today it sounds like there really is a notification issue at stake here with how the mta operates, a gaping hole. it is an opportunity for a lot of improvement on how we notify; and we are a big family and san francisco. there is some sort o
Apr 22, 2013 9:00pm PDT
,especially between the merchants and the mta. i think all of the proposals on the table, none of them were moderate in terms of the desires of the merchant associations especially with regard to parking. i am a regular cyclist as well as a business owner in the dogpatch, as well as a retailer so i kind of feel like i wear all the has and i did feel that the proposals on the table -- there was no sense of compromise. it seemed quite one-sided to meet. i think that, i recommend that your merchants association is a very effective one. i am a member of the prairie hole dogpatch association , and all investors should know that merchants associations can be a very effective lobbing vehicles and what you guys are doing on your behalf is very important to show other merchant associations how they can voice the concerns , of this constituency small business owners, retailers, pdr businesses in whatever district they are in .keep up the good work and soldier on. i think it is a very good suggestion that there be some representation on the mta board for small business, whether it takes the form of a
Apr 15, 2013 8:00pm PDT
closely with mta and city planning in developing those projects.dpw's schedule is driven by our goals. for repaving the goal is up to 70 by the tweer 2020 and current leer we're at 65 and we're are trying to make sure to hit that target in about seven years from now. our ramp program uses the ada transition plan to help prioritize locations. the focus is on requests from the disabled, access to public facilities, and transit routes. we also recently started adding bulb outs to the projects and the first is geary boulevard and worked with mta with what intersection were getting ramps as part of the plan and add curb bulbs to that project. >> and specific to that and i don't know if you heard my opening remarks. is that evaluation -- my understanding that is happening city wide and a couple of districts and we were disappointed that it happened without the evaluation. >> i heard your opening statement. we are coordinating with the mta. the challenge is having a steady funding source. there is no funding for that. we have a capital request for that but that is the regular challenge
Apr 20, 2013 6:14pm PDT
. the next system that i wanted to just touch on briefly is mta's communications. so, san francisco mta is building out a specialized transit communication system. and if you have the slide in front of you, you will see that -- could we get the slide up on the screen? thank you. that it includes -- it is a big price tag, but it includes a lot. it includes a computer aided dispatch system, an automatic vehicle location system, voice and data network for buses and light rail, messaging capability using new vehicle data terminals, data and reporting for performance analysis and incident management, the 700 megahertz project 25 voice radio which is the radio component of it, very small. and the new radio communications in the muni metro subway. the current system at mta is 30 years old. i believe that they are expecting the new system to be completed by 2015. and i am told that it has zero general fund impact. the primary funding for this system has been federal state and prop k grants. and 10 million funded through the mta's operating funds and revenue bonds. the next system is -- >> excus
Apr 17, 2013 10:14pm PDT
metro subway. the current system at mta is 30 years old. i believe that they are expecting the new system to be completed by 2015. and i am told that it has zero general fund impact. the primary funding for this system has been federal state and prop k grants. and 10 million funded through the mta's operating funds and revenue bonds. the next system is -- >> excuse me. before we go off into that, if i could ask a couple questions, perhaps to joe henry from the mta. so, i understand four years ago there was a discussion between -- this is before your time. there was a discussion between dem and sfmta to consolidate at least two of these systems together. i know there was an mou that was signed between the mta and dem to build an integrated system at coit in 2010. we got a presentation on how you consolidate these three separate, at least three systems into two. could you give us a sense of what happened to that planning? >> i believe you're referring to interoperability agreement between sfmta, dem and dt? >> yes. >> i believe that agreement is still in place. and elements of that a
Apr 15, 2013 3:00pm PDT
here it's important that mta and dpw work together since we're two separate departments but i think we have a good working relationship through the streets bond and that will continue. also our streets capital group works together. >> i understand they might be merged into one department and we're two and actually more departments than that, but i don't think the happen ns stance of the departmental structure -- i think that could be easily worked around, so i think we should start keeping pace. thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors. i am used to saying commissioners and [inaudible] deputy director for policy and programming with the san francisco transportation authority. i thank you for having this hearing today. i'm going to focus on prop k in particular which is the half cent sales tax for transportation in san francisco. however, there are a lot of funding programs that are available to address pedestrian safety, and the challenge is how to balance the various opportunities to address it in a strategic manner. is there enough funding? no. but i think we have an opportunit
Apr 1, 2013 8:30pm PDT
chair has as well. i think there needs to be some mention of the mta, the municipal transportation agency somewhere in the narrative and explanation of our mta as well. i had a suggestion that on page under the executive director bullets, that it should list ensure where it's talking about effective communications with the board of supervisors, the mayor's office and san francisco's elected representative at the state and federal levels, it needs to mention the mta too, i think. that would be my recommendation and i just wanted to echo our chair avalos's suggestion that the track record of promoting social justice and equity is top priority. and focusing on track records that someone who has a demonstrated experience from promoting equity and justice. this you for doing that. >> i think it goes beyond the mta. probably there are other departments that are related to other work of county transportation authority. >> we always run the risk if we put one agency in there that we then have to put all the agencies in there not to lose sight of this. if there is a what the we can use a ca
Apr 15, 2013 1:30pm PDT
. next we have sf mta to talk about the intersections that we are prioritizing the timeline. how they have been working with the data in order to identify the streets and the intersections we are going to look at, and we also have department of public works here to talk about the intersection improvements and last we have staff from sfmta and capital planning how we fund the efforts that we have put together, so i know i said dph first but first we want an overview of the pedestrian strategies, so from the task force we have tim popdrio who you will present the overview. >> other opening comments from other supervisors. >> i'm sorry. >> supervisor kim anything else? >> no. >> president chiu. >>i would like to make a couple of comments and thank supervisor kim and our colleagues for the renewed attention to this very serious issue. in my first years before they were on the board i and others public officials tried to increase more public attention on this issue but today i really think that the current generation of this board of supervisors including supervisor kim and whose dis
Apr 20, 2013 1:14am PDT
and chaired the task force and a member of the sf mta. thank you for being here. >> thank you supervisors. i am deputy of planning for the sf mta also the transportation task force, co-chair with dhp. i'm going to give you a quick overview of the strategy and then what we're going to be talking about in the hearing so you can hear from the various departments on what they have have done since we have been developing this report. it's really important to note that we have been working over the last two years as a team and moving concert with the changes and the strategy is reflecting in real time what we're doing and moving forward and there is obviously a lot of challenges moving forward but i think together we will figure those out, so what you will hear today, the overview i will touch upon, and then the departmental efforts to support the goals and objectives and you will hear from public health, the police department, and mta and public works and we go into funding strategy. how are we going to fund this? we know there are certain gaps in certain areas. what is the plan of attack to
Apr 22, 2013 8:14am PDT
is an important project. we have been doing that without the mta's involvement as far as i know and while we're tearing up this corner maybe we should put a bulb up there too and it's cheaper and several intersections in my district have been torn up and built the same with the ada ramps and we should have put them there. i think that is improving and we will see improved coordination on that but a way to make sure that all of the talented departments are working together to have one vision and improve the physical environment and with that said supervisor kim i will turn it back to you. >> thank you chair and i do want to acknowledge we have a enlighten board of supervisors in terms of our understanding of pedestrian safety, and i think a lot of that also is due to a lot of activists and community members who made this a priority issue to educate government and members of the community on this issue and of course they have been impacted on this as well and hopefully through the hearings we can push and encourage for better working -- a better coordination amongst a variety of departments
Apr 15, 2013 2:00pm PDT
for these and of course there is the capital improvements mainly our partner at mta how we can improve the environment around the schools so it's safe to ask the families to walk to and from school, and -- our school district has about 120 plus schools so we need to obviously prioritize the schools. right now we're working in 15. we have one in every supervisory district but there is a great need out there, so for the program side what we do is we look at the -- we have a lot of data we compiled. particularly we look at schools who have a majority of families that live within a mile of the school so it's realistic to ask them to walk and bike to school and we also want to look at schools to increase the rates and mta looks at schools that have high rates of walking and high rates of injury and gene parker at the foot of the tunnel is ranked number one and competitively awarded great grants because of that data we have been able to compile which leads into funding so we are 100% grant funded but we're working right now on a proposal to the transportation authority which we will hear about tomorrow in
Apr 28, 2013 1:30pm PDT
, 7, 8, 9. 41555478 of - our next meeting for the dnc is proposed to be a joint session with the mta modu module committee. please look for our future nose and e-mails for more information. thank you. >> thank you rolland. seeing that you have 11 and 12 too the disaster preparedness and ada is that i rolland for both? next, we have number 11 an information report to for preparedness >> i'm going to give you a highlight of the disaster preparedness meeting that meet on march 1st. what i'm to go over the bullet >> excuse me. we don't have t the. >> gunning again, i'm going to go over the meeting that was hepd held on march 1st. we had a meeting on the fast program. there will be ongoing and how this trained individuals will be deployed and utilizesed in the disaster process. we had a group of individuals well mayors disabilities couple and the mayors committee on disabilities. the work group will have it's first meeting on friday april 5th from 130 to 3:30 p.m. in room 421 in city hall. then the work group will meet every month. the discussion regarding the disability assess issu
Apr 15, 2013 2:30pm PDT
of verifying every collision report to make sure when we report it a final number to mta is in fact accurate. >> when can we expect that number in terms much the full collisions and injuries? >> in terms of the full universe we have preliminarily just for 2012 -- and i stand by this is preliminary, collisions with injuries was 2462. i suspect that's going to go up. we're not 100% confidence of that number so that's why we're verifying it and in 2011 it was 3111. >> so from my reading of the draft of the mayor's pedestrian safety and commitment to increase enforcement hours and the failure to yield speeding and 20% by next year and i am curious to kind of the steps taken in order to meet tha.d i know some of that is with the new police officers that we will get, but do you feel like sfpd has strategy to meet that goal? >> most definitely. i think the answer to that goal is a fully staffed police department. your average officer in the field contributes to traffic enforcement. then you have your specialists if you will of traffic enforcers and those are the folks are motorcycles, so as we
Apr 15, 2013 7:00pm PDT
. what is the plan of attack to get there? and both the mta and capital group are going to present that and key next steps and we have to come back to you regularly to show the updates so just a quick record on the strategy itself. it was in response to the mayor's objective to reduce fatal injuries and increase walking trips as well. as a city we're growing. we will have more transit oriented development which means more pedestrian trips and look at making it safeer and workable and then we have to look at completing safety and action items for the rest of the strategy. this chart shows you the current trend over the last 10 years the severe in the light pink and the fatal in the dark pink and the trend it was on a precipitous decline but now holding steady and on the increase so a lot of concern there and we will talk about that in more detail what is mapping so the key challenges ahead of us we have a great city, very walkable. a lot of people walk and since the inception of the smartphone and walking and driving and taking transit and these issues we're working on, but the
Apr 22, 2013 8:44am PDT
the mta issued an analysis of all traffic collisions over the last 10 years and i think that was referenced earlier. in identifying the top collision factors involved in our collisions speeding red light, failure to yield to pedestrians, stop signs and fail to yield when taking a u turn are part of the chief's directive to all personnel of the police department to focus on the five, so the five being speeding, the red light stop sign violations, fail to yield -- >> i think you need to have someone keep moving the slide. >> no, you got it there. we will advance one more. all right. this slide represents the increase that we saw -- we have seen in the use of red light cameras. they're fixed locations. there have been a few additional deployments in the number of years but you can see increase of violations from 2011 to 2012. that really speaks to the issue at hand and that is people operating their vehicles improperly, so these are deployed in areas that we historically have had problems. where you have the systems in place we don't see the same problems in terms of
Apr 3, 2013 12:00am PDT
signed up on more than a hundred teams. the mta has 3 teams that we'll be competing vigorously against one another and as it shows we talk the pedestrian talk, but also that we walk the walk. so, a lot of walking happening this month. next up, the central subway, just a few updates. we did have, we talked about the naming of the machines which are scheduled to arrive in san francisco this month or next month. i'm not sure if it's april or may. but it's named mon chung after the first medical physician who practiced in san francisco. she was known for mentoring and caring for thousands of service men during world war ii and advocated for women in the navy. it will be launched on the 80 over pass and it will begin work on the southbound tunnel within about 6 weeks after she arrives. the other biggelma is named after a philanthropist. good news on the advance of tunnels of the central subway and we had a public naming contest that those two were the winners. in terms of north beach which has been the subject of a lot of discussion, we continue to move forward with the plan to relocate for
Apr 22, 2013 10:44am PDT
, and in my view that we quickly build on it, so with that i want to welcome the mta. , staff from mta who have been spear heading this pilot and talk to what we're doing and what we can expect in the future and colleagues we have a resolution before us that encourages the mta to move quickly and expeditiously to expand on the pilot so if there are no introductory comments colleagues we will turn it over to mr. mod ox from the mta. >> thank you supervisors. thank you for the opportunity to give a presentation on our efforts on bike sharing program so far. let's see if i can get this open . so again good afternoon. i am heath mat ox with the mta and i have been leading my agencies and the city's efforts to get a bike sharing program going in san francisco for the last several years and i have a short presentation, about 10 slides, which will tell you what we have been up to. first a very brief introduction as to what bicycle sharing is. i think one of the best analogies i use is like car sharing and membership base and affordable. it's convenient and available 24 hours a day and seven d
Apr 15, 2013 7:30pm PDT
that will be shared within the police department and mta sewhen a traffic collision takes place and the officer writes the department into the system it's available to mta within a 24 hour basis. likewise enforcement that is conducted by way of these electronic ticket writers is it is also populated into the same data base so you can over lay where your collisions are taking place and where perspective is taking place to make sure the both are in place here. furthermore we're going to be using -- utilizing unofficer body cameras so these are cameras that the supervisors allotted $100,000 and the police department's budget to purchase cameras for targeted enforcement operations. part of that targeted enforcement operations is actually going to involve traffic officers as well. now let me get back to the slides here. as you can see from this one slide on the board here although we had some decreases quarterly comparison in some areas one of our targeted areas is actually pedestrian right-of-way and those operations we have literally have a plains clothe police officer walking across an intersection
Apr 5, 2013 2:00pm PDT
it available to the mta and we have our own hr authority but still subject to the city's civil service rules. what we found basically is that using this position base testing process, it can be much more efficient and effective than the city's hr department has done research to repair time lines in the conventional way than the base testing way and found it to be more efficient. we were able to go to the service commission to secure their approval for a pilot. we identified 12 classifications where we have a hired need with candidates for position base testing and we got their approval to do that. we'll report back to them to make sure that we are following all the rules and maintaining the integrity of the rules system so it was a rule of confidence from the mta to manage a tool like this effectively. so a little bit bureaucratic and technical but very important to us in terms of trying to get people into the door and on the street to where we need them to make the agency run. the last thing i just wanted to note, in the past 2 days there have been 2 very disturbing incidents that have happ
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 341 (some duplicates have been removed)